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Fans radial dust VRP

Fans radial dust VRP
  • Fans radial dust VRP
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Fans are intended for movement of the inexplosive, nonaggressive and not abrasive environments containing up to 100 g/m3 of dust, the sticky and fibrous substances, aerosols, sublimates of metals inclined to formation of the resistant nalipaniye causing wear and adjournment of dust in flowing part of fans.

Fans can be used in systems of aspiration, gas purification and ventilation of air with a temperature of the moved environment to 80o Page.

Fans are intended for operation in the conditions of the moderated (At) and tropical (T) climate of the 3rd category of placement in accordance with GOST 15150 - 69.

When ensuring protection of electric motors against atmospheric actions use of fans in the conditions of temperate and tropical climate on the 1st category of placement is allowed.

Fans are installed outside rooms of long stay of people.

Mean square vibrospeed of external sources of vibration in installation sites of fans should not exceed 2 mm / page.

The Fan Radial Dust (FRD) consists of the following main knots: spiral case, driving wheel, entrance branch pipe, bed, electric motor.

Details of flowing part — the case of the fan and the driving wheel are made of steel which provides good wear resistance.

Fans are carried out with the rotary cases allowing their installation in any of provisions according to GOST 5976 - 90 (except Pr 180o, Pr 225o, L 180o, L 225o).

Information is up-to-date: 20.09.2021

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